System Development Activities

System development continued to be a major focus for the project team during this performance period and a number of important refinements and enhancements have been made to each of the major components of the SAFIRE system. Highlights include:

Robust Networking and Sensing:

1) Improved network signal strength of commercial mesh-router systems through fabrication of an easily deployable omnidirectional high-gain antenna array; 2) developed new wearable carbon monoxide environmental sensor; 3) designed a store and forward data mule architecture for robust sensing even when networks are intermittent.

Stream and Data Management:

Designed and developed 1) an initial prototype of EBox providing access to live smart-building data streams such as surveillance cameras and pre-existing data such as floor plans; 2) designed a framework for flexible indoor localization using multiple localization technologies; 3) alert triggering based on information captured from firefighter radio conversations.


1) Integrated a mock computer aided dispatch and a sensor inventory system; 2) Redesigned Fire Incident Command Board user interfaces based on advisor feedback and 3) began prototype of incident review feature to replay captured sensor data.

At this time nearly all of major components anticipated for the SAFIRE system are implemented to some degree. Further system development work will consist primarily of expanding and improving the functionality of these components, as well as any additional functionality necessitated by the research activities.