Prof. Sharad Mehrotra

Prof. Mehrotra's interests span various aspects of next-generation data and information management systems, including issues related to multimodality, uncertainty, data quality, heterogeneity, mobility, privacy, and security.

Prof. Nalini Venkatasubramanian

Prof. Venkatasubramanian's interests relate to the emerging global information infrastructure, and include distributed systems, middleware, multimedia systems and applications, and mobile applications.

Research Faculty

Dr. Naveen Ashish

Dr. Ashish's interests are primarily in data management and artificial intelligence, particularly the application of technqiues from the latter to the former.

Dr. Dmitri Kalashnikov

Dr. Kalashnikov's interests include data management, database systems, data mining, information quality, entity resolution, web entity search, disambiguation, spatial, spatio-temporal, moving-object databases, similarity retrieval, uncertainty in databases, streaming data and sensor databases.


Dr. Christopher Davison

Dr. Davison is the SAFIRE Technology Manager. His research interests are primarily within the domain of business continuity/disaster recovery planning, but also span such diverse topics as leadership, privacy, ethics, and information technology strategic planning.

Jay Lickfett

Mr. Lickfett is the SAFIRE Project Lead Developer. He has been involved in the design and development of several situational awareness systems in the context of disaster management and emergency response.